While most people are afraid of spiders, some learn to cohabit with them. These are the kind of people who take an interest in these arthropods and get acquainted with them over the years. Most people on the hand have developed a phobia for spiders deeming them as very dangerous creatures once you get into contact with them. Due to this reason, most people try as much as possible to avoid getting in their way as they may end up regretting later. These creatures offer several advantages to human beings despite us being afraid of them.

Most people confuse a spider for being an insect which is totally wrong. This is because there is a huge difference between the two as a spider has eight legs while an insect on the other hand has six of them. These creatures also lack antennas which most insects possess. They also have just two body parts including a head and a thorax while insects have three of them; a head, a thorax and an abdomen. Spiders have the same features and are closely related to other creatures such as scorpions as well as ticks. Check out to learn more.

One of the benefit a spider offers to a household is that it helps protect one and their family from certain insects. Those insects that are harmful for us including mosquitoes can be gotten rid off by spiders. Mosquito bites are very harmful to humans as they transmit malaria which is a killer disease. You can also learn more about spiders by checking out the post at

By having spiders in your home, the risk of getting mosquito bites is greatly reduced as they get to kill these insects by feeding on them. Spiders form webs which are their habitats and these webs can be essential in catching certain insects that are unwanted at home. They feed on them and they also act as food for their offspring as well. By catching these insects, the number can be significantly reduced which is a benefit to humans.

Most people are afraid of spiders due to their venom which is very dangerous. However, this venom is used for various purposes one of them being in the manufacture of pesticides. Those patients who are suffering from heart disease can also use this venom in order to fight it.

Some cultures use the spider as a source of food. They do so by cooking them though at first they make sure they remove their legs as they have hair that is usually irritating. To get more facts, visit

Spiders is one of the most feared creatures in the entire world, you can most definitely see videos and pictures of people getting scared and running away from the mere sight of this eight eyes and eight legged creature. There are also a lot of different types of spiders worldwide, estimated scientifically to be almost 170,000 species of spiders. Most of this species of spiders are harmless and can sometimes be a huge benefit on having them in your house, but some of them can also be very dangerous and can sometimes cause deaths. Thus in this article, we will tell you all about the most dangerous and poisonous spiders that you can find in North America.

Black Widow Spider

The first and also considered to be one of the most dangerous and venomous spider in this list is the black widow spider or also known as in its scientific name Latrodectus. The black widow spiders are measured to be about roughly 1 half inches in length. Most of these spiders will have a black and shiny look while also having an orange dot or hourglass shape marking on its abdomen. They can also be commonly found in hollow stumps, wood piles, under stones, in sheds, garages and even indoors. They are considered to be one of the most dangerous and venomous spider since a single bite from this spider can be hazardous especially to the young and elderly people. Only a small drop of venom can immediately cause serious illnesses since the neurotoxic poison it releases will attack the nervous system of the victim. The victim will most likely feel severe headache, vomiting, nausea, hypertension, abdominal pain and many more. For more facts and info regarding spiders, you can go to

Hobo Spiders

Hobo spiders or most scientifically known as Tegenaria Agrestis is also one of the most dangerous and aggressive spiders in North America. These spiders are roughly measured to have 1 thirds to 2 thirds of an inch in length, and will mostly have brown colored body with numerous chevron shaped markings in its abdomens. These spiders are commonly found indoors, though they most prefer nesting in ground levels or in basements. A bite from a hobo spider can cause severe headaches, nausea, fatigue, weakness, vision impairment and even memory loss. Check  out more about such from the DeadPestz site.

Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse spider or scientifically known as Loxosceles Reclusa is also considered to be one of the most dangerous and poisonous spider that is found in North America. These spiders can get a measure of 1 forth to 3 forth inches in length and will have a dark violin shape that can be easily noticed on top of its leg attachment towards its abdomen. A bite from a brown recluse spider can cause tissue lose and even necrosis which is very dangerous and deadly to humans, but even though it is considered to be highly dangerous towards people, it is not as aggressive as a hobo spider and will only attack if threatened. Learn more from the official site of DeadPestz.

There is another spider species that is native in North America which is said to be venomous and deadline. To keep your houses protected from these types of pests, you have to be informed about the nature of these spiders. There are two scientific names associated to this type of spider, the Phoneutria found in South America and the Caribbean, and the Nephila Clavipes found in North America. Both of these scientific names are poisonous, but the former produces deadlier bites than the latter. Phoneutria species go by other names such as the wandering spider and the Kammspine.

In America, these species that are known as the banana spiders are said to pose the most dangers. Their length is at 1.3 inches, and they are quite wild and huge. They can be found in both the urbanized cities and in rain forests. Furthermore, these banana spiders are also found in the southeast regions of the South American nation of Brazil which have caused massive hospital confinement between the 1970s and the 1980s.

The banana spiders release venom that contains neurotoxins and destroy the nervous system of people. If you are familiar with the poisonous substance puked out by red back spiders or black windows, these venoms by banana spiders are quite similar to them. When you are bitten by phoneutria or banana spiders, never think twice about seeking medical treatment from Until this day, there has not been any venom protection developed to cure the person from the bite of banana spiders. If, after the bite, you experience irregular heartbeats, cold sweat and pain, it must have come from phoneutria species.  

Moreover, there is also a species of banana spiders called Nephila Clavipes that are native to North America. They also have venom like those of the black widow spiders, but are said to be less harmful. They are characterized with a stretched out figure that is a dead-ringer to a banana shape, and are also colored yellow and black. Measuring around 1.1 inches, their bodies differ according to their sex. Male banana spiders are sized around half of their female counterparts. Visit to read more about this.

The places where these spider species can be found are hotter areas and taller trees. Their webs are spun across pathways and cover a huge area similar to an orb. These webs are usually stronger than other webs spun by the rest of the species and highly distinct because of their golden color.  Because of these, they have been called  the writing spider and the golden orb weaver by some people. To learn more about spiders, you can visit